About us

ALHUMDULILLAH! Thanks to Almighty Allah for giving us birth in a Muslim Family, Luckily! We are the followers of that true religion whose growth is prominent in the shape of increasing number of Muslims all over the world. In the last decade, the propaganda against Islam has placed an inverted result in favor of Islam. The curiosity of people emerged and they started studying Islam. As a result, they became converted to Muslim Researches by well known scholars has proved that it is all due to the beneficence of the HOLY QUR’AN.

Allah helped heavenly and a number of Islamic scholars succeeded in circulating the beneficence of the Holy Qur’an and enlighted the hearts of people with the brilliance of this book. Amongh these scholars the name of Late Abdul Mustafa Mufti Muhammad Amin Qadri Hanafi is praiseworthy, who spent his entire life in communicating the principles of Sharia’t and teachings of Qur’an.

In order to provide everlastingness to his objectives of life, an organization (trust) named TRUE QURAN has come into existence. The mission of this organization is to continue the work of Late Mufti and make the recognition of Qur’an nation wide and internationally. The launching of this website is one of goals to achieve the mission. An effort is being made to present the translation in English & Urdu of the complete Holy Qur’an. Explanations of the Holy Qur’an composed by different scholars have been provided in order to understand and facilitate the practice of Qur’an.

It has been said about the Holy Qur’an that if this scripture be revealed on mountains they would be broken to pieces. What secrets have been placed in this book? This answer to this can only be discovered on its recitation. This book has provided all the principles of life, all the laws, rules and regulations and all the secrets of science & its inventions. Lets! Fill our hearts with the light of Qur’an and splendor this Heavenly Book.

TRUE QURAN (Non-Profit Organization)